Sportscar Of The Month

I run a Car of the Month on the Unofficial Marcos Homepage and, from feedback, it seems pretty popular. So, I thought I'd try it out here.

The idea is that you send me photos you've taken of Sports Racing Cars in action and I publish one a month. Given the number of sportscars racing around the world, versus the number of Marcos cars built, I may even run to a couple a month if supply is high enough.

The photos don't need to be recent, but I'd prefer it if they were original (to save problems with copyright and to simply avoid having yet another copy of that photo everyone's seen on the Web) and, ideally 800x600 size, but I'll take anything (bigger or smaller) if they're interesting.

Second Sportscar Of The Month
Second Sportscar Of The Month is this shot of the XJR-9s in action at Span in 1989.

First Sportscar Of The Month
To get things started here's the Webber/Schneider Mercdes CLK at Laguna Seca in 1998

So, get mailing those shots in to me now!

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