Kremer Brothers in Sportscar Racing

After some deliberation, I've decided to award the Kremer brothers their own page as a sportscar manufacturer.

935 K3 at Le Mans

A 935K3 - The ultimate 935?

For years the Kremer team have run Porsches in the World Sportscar championship of the day. In the late 70s/early 80s, their development of the Porsche 935 the K3 was the ultimate Group 5 car (and remained, aside from Porsche's own wild 'Moby Dick', probably the ultimate development of the Porsche 911 in group 5 form).

The car achieved much success in IMSA and WEC racing, culminating in a form book defying victory at the 1979 Le Mans 24 Hours.

Kremer's 917 at Brands

Kremer's 917 in the Brands Pits, 1981

A couple of years later, with the Group C rules taking shape, the Kremer brothers amazed the Sportscar world by wheeling out a 'new' Porsche 917. This car was fast, but, ultimately, proved a disappointment, soon being overtaken by the real Group C cars. However, it ran well at Le Mans and Brands Hatch in 1981.

CK5 at Brands 1985

The CK5 amongst C2s at Brands in 1985

The next Kremer construction, the CK5, was a group C car based upon old Porsche 936 Group 6 chassis. Again, it proved uncompetitive against the true Group C cars, but provided some much needed variety amongst the predominantly 956 mounted field.

Kremer ran 956s and 962s for a while, which they later converted to open top prototypes for running at Le Mans (in an odd twist on the CK5 theme). These prototypes proved quite competitive, but outright victory eluded the team against full factory efforts.

With the advent of GT racing in the mid-90s, the team switched over to 911 GT2s and finally GT1s which they run at the moment. However, given the 911 GT1s uncompetitiveness, it would be a brave man who'd bet against a GT1 K3 being just around ther corner.

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