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Latest Addition : 13/04/2008

There are so many potential links on the World Wide Web now, that I've decided to put the links onto this separate page. They're grouped roughly under 3 categories :

  1. Racing Series - Races and Racing series, past and present
  2. Racing and Sportscar Manufacturers - Official and Unofficial websites of marques involved in Sportscar racing.
  3. General Links - Websites which don't fit neatly into either of the first two categories!

Please E-mail me with any other Sportscar racing related sites! - My fotopic site - Lots more Sportscar images, mainly modern.

Racing Series

ACO - Organisers of the Le Mans 24 Hours.
FIA GT series - The official site of the FIA GT series.
Martin & Roman Krejcimar's superbly researched International Sports Prototype Racing.
Historic Sportscar Racing - A series for Historic sportscar in North America
Le Mans Endurance Series - Le Mans racing outside North America.
American Le Mans Series - Le Mans racing in North America.
British GT - Official site.
Spanish GT - Official site.
Japanese GT - Official site in English.
Grand Am - Run the Daytona 24 Hours and 'low cost' GT series in US.

Racing And Sportscar Manufacturers

An AC Cobra enthusiast's web site. - Lots of good information and links on the Cobra - probably the most lusted after sportscar in the world.
Alfa Romeo - Dominant in Sportscar racing in the 70s, but now manufacturers of roadcars only. However an increasingly sporty image may see the Fiat Group return sometime soon.
Aston Martin - On-Off Sportcar racers. Currently OFF!
BMW - Engine manufacturer of the McLaren F1 and coming into ISRS/Le Mans racing with a prototype built by Williams, the F1 team.
Bugatti - Long dead French firm manufactured some of the great pre-war sportsracers. The marque had a brief revival in the 90s with the EB110 which raced at Le Mans and is now back, under VAG ownership, with the 250 mph Veyron roadcar.
Callaway - Manufacturers of much modified Corvettes, seen in the BPR and FIA GT series.
Chevrolet - Manufacturer of the Corvette, a stalwart of GT racing for 3 decades.
Chevron Cars - Information on the once great Sportscar manufacturer.
The Dodge Website - Lots on Vipers!
Elva Cars - A site dedicated to the tiny Elva racing car manufacturer.
The Official Ferrari Site - Nothing more to add!
Gran Turismo - An E-zine for Ferrari Fans with articles on lots of historic Ferrari sports-racers.
Ford Motor Company - Dominant with the GT40 in the 60s and now maker of the Panozes engines.
Ford GT40 - An unofficial Web site.
Honda UK - A nice electric car and some other things.
The Official Jaguar Site - Not a lot on the racing front these days, but lots of history.
Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust - An interesting website with some fairly nice static shots of C, D and E-Type racers (plus the XJ13 and XJC touring car) and some excellent historical background to each model - Pity it doesn't include the Group C era, too.
Lotus Cars - Long time supporter of Sportscar racing, currently seen in the BRDC series with a very swift Esprit V8.
Lancia - Big supporter of sportscar racing (and Rallying) in the 70s and 80s, but now faded from the motor racing stage.
Lamborghini - Rumoured to be about to launch a GT2 challenger and running a one-make Diablo series alongside the FIA GT series.
Marcos Cars - Racing in the BRDC , GTR and FIA GT categories.
Matra - The French Aerospace company which dominated Sportscar racing for a short while in the 70s. Now owned by Pinnifarina.
Mazda - The only Japanese manufacturer to win Le Mans.
Mercedes Benz - Official Homepage - A long time supporter of Sportscar Racing.
MG - Pre war regular on the Sportscar Racing scene and still popular as a club racer and even in the ALMS series, where LMP2 cars still run under the MG name.
Morgan - Sometime GT2 runner and general sportscar racing supporter (in a low key way).
Nissan's Official Website - Also full of dull saloons.
NISMO - Nissan's Motorsport arm. Strange mix of Japanese and English!
Panoz Autos - Bold new American GT manufacturer, causing a stir in GT1 with their very quick, front engined cars designed by Reynard.
Porsche GB's Website - Porsche are THE Sportscar racing company.
Renault - Raced in Sportscar racing in the late '80s, before moving onto F1.
Saleen - Manufacturers of much modified Mustangs currently racing in the BRDC and FIA GT GT2 category.
Toyota - Toyota's website (lots of dull saloons).
Toyota Team Europe - The European motorsport arm of Toyota (a lot more interesting!)
The Unofficial TVR Site - With a link to the Factory site.
Venturi Cars - The Owners' Club website, in French.

General Links

Paul Sands' website - Great site of Paul Sand's photos.
GT Eins - Great German site all about sportscar racing.
Planet Le Mans - All about Le Mans and current sportscar racing.
Aysedasi Le Mans - Great private site all about Le Mans.
Autosports Marketing - A site with some excellent images of historic sportsracers. Their book 'The Speed Merchants' looks interesting.
The Brooklands Museum - The real home of British motor racing - Pre-war sportscar racing.
GTC - A company selling Classic racing sportscars (some good images here).
Ronald Holt's paintings of Nostalgic Cars including Jaguar D-Type and XJR-6.
Roock Racing's website. They run some of the fastest GT2 Porsches around.
Self Studio - is the homepage of Lee Self, a motor sports artist and photographer (as best I can tell). There are some great images on this site, but the killer is the sportscar screen saver, which you can download free of charge - Go and visit this site NOW!!
Sutton Images - Action shots from the current FIA GT (and other) series.
The Unofficial Spectator - A US based website especially designed for those who can't get to Le Mans - Superb graphics and some great visual ideas.
Endurance Sportscar - A site dedicated to the history and future of endurance racing.
Sportscar Media - Lots of shots of 2000's ALMS series.
Zoom Sportscar Racing - Lots of good pictures - mainly Grand-Am.
Fast Details - Zen and the art of Sportscar racing. Great site, some interesting articles.
FIA - Governing body of world motor racing.
John Starkey's site - Includes some great books on the Group 5 and Group C eras.

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